Some interesting Blockchain applications you may want to know

In the 1990s when Internet technology was just a little spark, if someone said that using the Internet can not only watch the news, download music; but also do live broadcasts, engage in e-commerce and buy stock, call for a car service and order pizza, people must think that he is a dreamer. But it turned out that the concept and application of WEB prevail the whole world rapidly.

Nowadays, the pilots of blockchain technology have mushroomed, and various use cases have gradually appeared. Like the goal of all technology research and development, blockchain technology is born and promoted to provide quality services and products, adding convenience and fun to everyone’s daily life and work. From games, insurance, the Internet of Things to digital copyright, e-commerce, etc., there has been a wave of interesting and useful applications.

For example, the Internet of chicken using blockchain technology to raise chickens, each chicken is attaching a chicken card to collect information such as location, physical condition, genetic type and exercise, so that diners can thoroughly know every chicken in the dish from birth to mouth and can also ensure that the chicken you eat is the one you selected. Similarly, Jingdong’s running chicken, Netease’s Weiyang pig, etc., they all integrate National security level algorithm, artificial intelligence, blockchain, mobile APP, intelligent dynamic map and other cutting-edge technologies.

For example, the superstars from Europe and America are releasing albums through blockchain, from the famous producer DJ Blackout and the rapper Mims who initiated music democratization projects — -TUNE, to the Grammy superstar RAC who released own album through the Ethereum blockchain. After simplifying the intermediate departments such as publishers and platforms, the singers’ works can go directly to fans, saving costs and improving efficiency meanwhile. Digital copyright maturity is imperative.

Another example is SelfSell using blockchain technology to help individuals realize the redefinition and the free flow of value, creating a new field of human value investment on a global scale, giving everyone equal rights to visualize their own value. The last World Cup Golden Boot winner, the present Bayern Munich player, Colombian superstar James Rodriguez has taken the lead in releasing the JR10 Token named after him on the SelfSell platform. Use cases such as meetup tickets, private products auctions, and autographed jersey purchases reflect its applicable value and realize the combination of personal brands and blockchain. Not only can the stars realize their personal value through the platform built by SelfSell, but the SelfSell is also committed to making every ordinary person’s dream come true. Of course, these concepts are inseparable from the support of blockchain technology.

When it comes to SelfSell, its blockchain technology advantage is worth mentioning. As a blockchain project in the vertical field, it has a product matrix built on the ecosystem of the main chain, wallet, investment and financing platform and exchange. The difference and advantages of SelfSell’s public blockchain and other underlying public blockchains, protocol layers, and smart contract projects are mainly based on the needs of the upper-layer applications. For this reason, the layout of the product matrix is improved in advance.

Throughout the history of science and technology, the process of each technology from theory to application is not one-step, but constant experimentation and exploration. The emergence of blockchain technology has provided efficient and convenient solutions for many applications. Let us wait and see if this very technology can provide products and services to the society on a large scale in the near future!