Maintain your health with “at home” testing.

It is a well known fact that preventing health problems is much cheaper, less time consuming and less stressful than treating them. Following just a few preventive steps can make all the difference to your health, and it gives you, in the meantime, an overall well-being feeling. Each year, 7 in 10 American deaths are caused by chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes (source:, and many of these can be prevented with early detection and the right treatment. For instance bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK (source: and people with high cholesterol have about twice the risk of heart disease as people with lower levels. These are just a few examples of statistics that should open our eyes and determine us to pay more attention to our body’s signals and overall condition.

There are two major ways of prevention accessible for everybody:

1. Healthy eating and active lifestyle

A lot of external factors can influence our general health, but despite that, nutrition & sport are on the top list of things to take into consideration as a preventive measure. It is the easiest, yet often ignored way of prevention. Although the genetic background or geographical region might also play an important role, nutrition and physical activity have a huge influence on someone’s health and should have priority in our day to day lives. Good health practices include: a balanced diet in order to get the correct amount of nutrients and calories, moderate alcohol consumption (1 drink/ day for women, 2 drinks/ day for men), no smoking or drug abuse and exercising at least three days per week. If you commit to the habits mentioned then you are already less likely to be the victim of a disease caused by these factors.

2. Rapid home tests for general health check

Luckily, in the last decades medicine has evolved at a very fast pace, which means a wider range of solutions for our health problems. Not only has the number of treatments increased, but also the number of preventive tests that can be done outside the doctor’s office (OTC self-testing kits) have become more accessible than ever. With self-testing kits being easily assessable online and performed at home, it means that you can do tests as frequently as you want, so you can monitor your general health and confirm whether there is any detection of common diseases. Some tests are used to detect health problems that our body may confront with, others to monitor the progress once you’ve had a diagnosis, such as cholesterol-testing or blood glucose tests.

Being aware of the importance of prevention and early diagnosis we decided to add new products to our product range of self-testing kits. For example we added: Thyroid TSH Test, Gluten Intolerance Test, Prostate Test PSA or urine test strips. They can be ordered online and used in the comfort of your own home, without wasting any time in the doctor’s office offering fast and reliable results.

Stop doubting, start testing and stay healthy!