Autistic Speaks

My life is not puzzle pieces and broken eyes;

I am not defined by light blue lies.

I am human, just like you;

We are human, through and through.

I am defined by red and white

porcelain tea cups in perfect lines.

No one else can decide me,

no lessons can over ride me.

I am not broken and I have no shame;

I won’t be shaken and I won’t be changed.

You steal our voices, steal our lives,

But I speak for me.

I am not eye contact avoiding,

emotionless inconvenience.

I am not “short bus”

I am not “special ed”

I am so much more than a failure to be like you.

I am the Captain of the fucking S.S Autistic

and I am angry.

I will not rest until every damn one of us is respected.

Every end of the spectrum,

every kid stimming under his desk,

every voice that’s replaced with strokes of the keyboard,

every person though out history that’s been tortured and killed in the name of “treatment”

deserves your respect.

Today, right now,

there is a child who’s mother is ashamed

because society tells her that we are defective.

Today, right now, there is a child who hears they’re parents say

they wish they had never had children

because society teaches that we are a burden.

Today, right now, a organisation preys on confused parents,

offering a cure, offering treatment,

a clever disguise for eugenics.

Today, stands before you a child with the stim beaten out of them,

suffered by pain and fist to hide the beating heart of who they are.

They have never stopped trying to kill us, heart, body, mind and spirit.

So I will not be your missing puzzle piece.

I will not cave to the idea that I am less.

I am blue grey smoke rising from eager lungs,

I am bands of ribbon dancing on the wind,

I am ringing ears and screening phone calls and

not understanding what that expression on your face is supposed to mean.

I am bright smiles and open laughter;

I am hope and love and half disaster.


you are everything you ever needed to be.

Your worth is inherent,

it resides in your lungs, in your bones, in the miracle of your life.

Do not let them beat the unique out of you.

You define you, no one else.

And I speak for me.

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