5 reasons mediocre people will hate you for your success

It’s a strange phenomenon when mediocre people start looking at successful people. Mediocre people are really predictable. They’ve taken the “road more frequently traveled” and their lives show this. They have their mediocre career i.e. a passionless job, live in their mediocre homes with their mediocre spouses, have mediocre friends, and drive to the mediocre stores in their mediocre car.

There’s nothing exciting or different about their lives — and they aren’t happy about it. They’re idea of success is confined to a very small, not-so-creative box, and they are constantly looking for ways to escape their boring existence. Whether that’s rushing to take their 2 week yearly vacation, dying to see Friday or drowning themselves out in useless, mind-numbing reality TV — the most popular sport among the mediocre.

What’s worse is that “mediocre” has become a goal unto itself. People shoot for the middle. People flock to the same schools for the same degree so they can compete for the same old $50,000/year cubicle job in a company where they’re easily replaceable and probably won’t make it anywhere further than, at best, middle management. They’re passionate about everything except where they are in life. It’s quite sad. So what ends up happening is more people compete for this middle-of-the-road lifestyle, which ironically makes it more competitive — which in turn, makes people want it even more.

Every so often, these mediocre folks will get a glimpse into someone else’s life — someone who isn’t mediocre. It might be when a beautiful Aston Martin pulls up in front of a restaurant, or when they pass by a stunning home. It might be when the other guy in the elevator puts a key into the elevator panel to get to his penthouse unit, while you’re on your way to the second floor where you crumby apartment exists.

Rather than admire or want to be like this successful person, most people jump to the same few excuses to make themselves feel better — and remind them that whatever glimpse they’ve seen of a far greater, more free and exciting life, is not worth having.

If you’re successful already or on the way there, you don’t have to have nice things to show of success. Your personality will exude confidence and people around you will feel your energy. If you’re one the people who want and expect more out of life — you’re successful — and you’ll experience the jealousy that comes with being a winner.

Losers are mediocre — They’ll go far to make themselves believe their life is the one they always wanted — and it usually comes in these 5 forms.

It reminds mediocre people they have dreams too

The most common reason mediocre people will hate you is because it reminds them that they had dreams too. At some point, they didn’t pursue their dreams and decided to take what they can get instead.

Seeing someone successful reminds them of what their life could have been and it’s painful. They see someone who took the harder path and came out a winner and remember that they themselves had the same opportunities but chose not to take them.

It’s like looking in the mirror at the better version of their life and they’ll hate you for it because they hate themselves.

They want you to be a bad person

Mediocre people want the freedom, admiration and luxuries that successful people have. They won’t admit it but that’s all they want.

When they see someone doing better than them, they’ll assume there is something wrong with them. They’ll automatically assume you’re a crook or you have no life. They’ll think your compensating for something or that you are miserable and that’s why you’re obsessed with success.

What do little kids say when they can’t have something they want? They say “that’s stupid! I didn’t want that candy bar anyways!” It’s the same concept.

When I’m at a restaurant and a bright red Ferrari pulls up, I’ll admire the car and be intrigued by the owner and how they earned it. The mediocre person, who is seething with jealousy, will say that guy is compensating for having a small dick. He’s stupid — no one wants a Ferrari.

It’s easy to point fingers

Being jealous of a successful person is the same thing as blaming them for your lack of success.

Mediocre people want someone to blame for having the better life — the life they tell others they don’t ever want — and it’s easier to point the finger and say he’s a bad person instead of trying to better their own lives.

Mediocre people are insecure

When unsuccessful people see successful people, they feel threatened. It doesn’t matter if the successful person is nice and generous, or if they aren’t trying to make others fee bad.

Mediocre people are chronically j secure. They secretly love seeing people fail because it makes them feel more significant.

Mediocre people want to feel better by pulling others down rather than pushing themselves up. When they see someone successful, they can’t pull them down to “their level” so instead of pushing themselves up to their level or attempting to improve their lives, they’ll just hate on that successful guy.

They aren’t secure about their value to society or their place in it. When they see someone who is secure in their own accomplishments and place in the world, they’ve already decided not to strive for better and they can’t stand seeing someone who hasn’t already given up on life.

Mediocre bleeds into every other area of life

Someone with a mediocre career usually lives in a mediocre world. They typically have every other part of their lives tailored to the same level of mediocrity as their career because mediocre people strive for the middle in every aspect of life.

A mediocre employee has a mediocre marriage, mediocre dreams, and a mediocre mindset to match.

Seeing someone successful reminds them that not only is that successful person they hate so much winning in their careers, but probably winning in every other level.

Mediocre people would much rather see someone who is rich and divorced, cynical and has no friends. They don’t realize that most successful people are the way they are because they have a successful outlook on life — so they don’t simply stop with a successful career. They have a successful everything else.

The same goes for she mediocre. Seeing somewhere driving a nice car doesn’t just remind them of their mediocre car. It also reminds them of their mediocre house, job, kids and dreams.

A successful person “has it all” and to a mediocre person who has a “can’t have even one” attitude, this hurts their self esteem and it comes out in the form of insecurity.

You’ll never become what you hate

One reason why mediocre people never escape their average life is because they have already decided to hate the successful people out there. People tend to not become what they hate.

Whether you’ve already made it in life or are on the way there, you’re bound to run into people who want to see you fail because they’ve decided they’ll never amount to much. Ignore them. Never forget that advice or criticism given out be people who are mediocre will always lead to more mediocrity.

Don’t listen to the noise and continue to win. Let the loses lose and pay them no mind.