Boost Your Business, Professional Career and Sex Life by Talking to Your Inner Success Self

Picture by Medi Dedi

Talk to yourself and your deep inner Success Self or Career Self. Maybe you do not know it, but you have that too.

In the first article of this series, I explained how any business has an invisible version of itself, and how you should be taking care of it too. Now, as an individual person, your career is your business and it has an invisible version too, within yourself (or your energy fields).

Earlier this year Liz Ryan in her article in Forbes magazine hit the mark:

“We have to be nimble at work, and we have to be nimble as we manage our careers. Your employer will not run your career for you the way employers used to do. Now we are all entrepreneurs. You are the CEO of your own career. “

Right now maybe you are in the middle of career transition, maybe you are ready for one, maybe you are just thinking how your dreams can make your career. Whatever the reason, you have to discuss it with yourself and your Career Self (in the invisible world) and then your thoughts, actions and — sooner or later — results will be aligned (in the visible world).

The invisible world is — in a way — an exact copy of the visible world we live and run our businesses in. Everybody can see the consequences of its existence, some gifted people can feel it, and others even see it. But, very few can change it and manipulate it at will.

Or for more poetic souls, like the lyrics from Sheryl Crow’s song “Light in your eyes” say in the chorus:

“You gotta talk to the one who made you

Talk to the one who understands

Talk to the one who gave you

All the light in your eyes

All the light in your eyes”

Maybe you have strong intuition yourself, and that will probably be enough as you will have enough insight (manifesting as emotions, images, thoughts, ideas, synchronicities, etc.) about what do you want and how to do it. Then make a plan and start working, and be prepared to adjust the course during the trip as you might only have an approximate (mileage and direction) chart.

Otherwise, you might contact someone who does have developed intuition (like intuitives, psychics, spiritual advisers, etc.): often really successful people are doing so. If it was reportedly fine for late Steve Jobs, then it might benefit you too. Further I will give a few real life examples, instead of more theory.

Different Energy Attachments Holding Back from Success Example

This client came to me due career issues early last year. He is a middle manager for one of the leading financial institutions in Croatia feeling blockages and limitations in his everyday work. Now, that’s life and I believe it is pretty normal, however, he stated that in his opinion existing work and communication system within the institution was built on weak foundation.

For the last three years results (within his responsibilities) were far from expected and planned, mostly due changes in business environment (legislative changes, internal business processes, etc.), yet all of his proposals and ideas for improving such situation were rejected or ignored.

Deeper mental / energy insight into this situation brought me several pictures of different attachments that created and supported it in the client’s visible everyday life.

First, there was client’s attachment to his father. I got a scene where a long time ago father promised to him (as he was a very small boy) some really small thing (like a lollipop or so) but never delivered — and it was more the rule than the exception as it has been shown many times before and after that scene.

That event from his early childhood made him feel an emotion of unfulfilled promise that he also felt like some kind of pressure in the abdominal area. To me, mentally it looked like a tangle of thin yellow strings like snakelocks anemone (Anemonia viridis), but after he recognized and cut these attachments — unpleasant feelings instantly disappeared.

Second, mother’s influence. Looking deeper into the client’s inner world I got insight into one of his personas that was asking for getting more sexual experiences with different men, aside from those he already had under the belt with women. The client had no homosexual tendencies and he recognized this as his late mother’s aspirations (his mother passed away some ten years ago) that asked such sexual fulfilment through him.

It is interesting to note that during this session client felt strong sensation of itch in his left ear. Well, so far we did our “see” and “read” phases of Self Mechanics system, so it was time for “change”. Mental and energy attachments to this persona were cut and gone instantly — so was left ear itch.

Third, activities of his ancient ancestors. One of the main factors contributing to this situation for my client was shown to me mentally in a scene where one of his female ancestors in ancient history was doing something that looked to me as sorceries.

That scene was like from a movie: old lady mixing something in a big pot over an open fire after some shady character in simple medieval clothes gave her a couple of silver coins.

Surprisingly, it seemed that the event left no debt of any kind (karmic burden, energy or spiritual ties, etc.) to my client, yet same dark characters (non-physical beings or whatever you prefer to call them) were trying to work through him the same way as with this ancient female ancestor of his — which brought him troubles at work.

Although there were other pictures/insights in this session, these were main three. Still, there was more to come with the same client.

Year and a half later (I consulted him only once in March 2015), as the client reported, he got a promotion, better compensation package, fat bonus for 2015 and bigger office. Now, a disclaimer inevitably follows (just a habit from my previous financial career): past performance does not necessarily predict future results. I am sure that SEC agrees.

A Kid in the Wrong Candy Store Example

Now, the following case is about the client who not only changed her career, but finally saw the bigger picture. Ideas (dreams and hopes) she had were not clear to her as in “where is this coming from and why?” but an additional insight actually confirmed what was she already contemplating.

When we mentally looked at her career about a year ago, I got an image of a well stocked general store hundred years ago: it not only had all the necessities needed for the way of life back then, but also many candies and sweets (that were not so readily available and affordable as these days).

Well, obviously like a kid in a candy store, she had too many options and was not sure which one to choose. This image, as the client confirmed, perfectly depicted numerous options in her present line of work within IT industry. Her skills, knowledge and experience were not only applicable in many areas but also heavily sought after: she had several lucrative and profesionally challenging offers on the table.

But, I was sure it was the wrong store. Many sweet candies were tempting, but too much of it could eventually cause her tooth decay, hyperactivity and increase the risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes. Obvious signs, to me.

While talking to her on Skype, I asked her to imagine this, and told her to mentally leave that store and move in to the next one, down the street. She did so and then I saw a different store (and a different story) of her new career: to me, it was clear that she wanted to help people by being her own mix of spiritual adviser, stress management trainer, and a life coach. The client confirmed it, and here is her letter to me.

Since, she got licensed, registered her practice, and started working with clients. She had previous informal experience of this kind, that just needed some system, procedures, marketing and hard work.

How Sex Life Ended Here?

In a perfect world, we would all feel confident enough to explore our sexual selves. Many great books and articles are written about sexual confidence, but not so much about “career confidence” or “business confidence”.

As sex psychologist Dr Petra Boynton says in Daily Mail: “Sexual confidence can be learned by anyone, but it’s definitely related to how generally confident we are.”

But she does not stop there: “If you are brought up to believe that you are attractive, that you are good at what you do and good at dealing with people, then you’ll be more likely to feel good about yourself in bed. If you feel generally negative, then you’re highly unlikely to want to jump on your partner very often.”

All the things she said here, like in the once popular song, can be equaly applied to sex life, business life, career development, etc. Confidence helps being more attractive, and that helps with the sex life, and can also help with business and career? Great!

Just like people from mentioned examples, you can do it too: look inside for your Success Self or Career Self or Business Self, and see if you are in the right store yourself. If not so, start looking for the right one: you can find no fish in a bakery.

Meanwhile I invite you to visit my website and blog to find out more.

p.s. This article was originally published on LinkedIn.