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Don’t throw information away just because it doesn’t make sense at the time of your session

Originally published on LinkedIn. Due to the new course of my business and life, I moved it from LinkedIn to Medium.

Here is one case from September to start with. This client, a nice lady in her prime years, wrote:

“During our work, Dedi has always been a step ahead of me. Although I knew the main cause of my problems, it seemed that he was telling me all what I already knew myself, while the image of that all was blurred, especially about possible exit from the painful situation.”

“On one occasion he actually called things their proper name, and I was even angry at him then because I thought it was too harsh and that simply cannot be true. Eventually it turned out to be true. It did not help me to solve the problem because happy outcome was not possible. But with the bad outcome of this situation he saw the signs of a better future, which is, given the sustained confidence, really helping me to get through this difficult time.”

Well, while mentally exploring her situation, I saw her partner — without any known reason — to be “sadist and patient” (no pun intended).

I do not know that gentleman personally. And yet, that’s how I saw him then. Later I found that such expression is not so rarely used, at least on the internet, like here.

This is by no means rare situation and I can only say that I know things. I roughly explained how I know things in this article.

When reading energy fields most of my energy and focus is spent on correct translation of what I mentally see (images, movies, etc.) to meaningful words and sentences.

It is even more demanding when I speak English (or other language besides my native Croatian).

In this case, I used some heavy, tough and rough words — but there was really no way around it. To quote (allegedly) Confucius:

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

As a rule, everything that comes out in a session should make sense.

Sometimes, there will be those one or two things that don’t. Then, I always tell my clients / students to hold onto those and see if they present themselves because you never know when they will become clear. But they will, usually rather sooner than later.

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Please note: mentioned cases are real life cases and not everybody will get such results.

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