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How to Manage Your Energy Fields to Enjoy an Authentic Life and Business

Originally published on LinkedIn. Due to the new course of my business and life, I moved it from LinkedIn to Medium.

In this article I will explain a bit more in detail what is just mentioned in the text on my website about page: what I do and how I do it. How to see, read and change the invisible world. And you can do it too.

Usually, when I get a question from (business or private) client, I find images or movies showing me what’s going on behind our “visible reality”. Very often I see same things when talking to (or just walking by) other people, and that information I do not share with them, but exceptionally.

For many people that would be enough, but I want to see what’s behind it: what consciousness and energy is there. In short, such images / movies present in our energy fields are working and looking to manifest in our lives. Then it’s better to know what’s there, and change / delete them when needed.

These images and movies may contain information / scenes / events from our “linear time” past, present and future: often obvious, sometimes symbolic. That’s how you can improve something in your field, and in your life. Self Mechanics’ SEE, READ, CHANGE concept at work.

Ideally, we would have no images / movies in our energy fields, and would live full of energy and consciousness. But, until we reach enlightenment, we’ll probably have to explore our energy fields and deal with whatever is there.

Last but not least, I have to mention that — in a sense — I am really doing nothing. Yes, it’s me talking / writing to you, explaining what I see and / or what am I changing / deleting (only if appropriate and if you asked me to). Also, I am not channelling any entities, angels, etc.


To start simple: every being / creature/ person has some sort of consciousness and energy. It is expectedly different in a man / woman, in a dog, or a flower — but it’s there. All of the mentioned do have a physical body but, there are non-physical beings around us, too.

As each of us are multi-dimensional, we are having many non-physical (but very real) energy fields, containing some programs, consciousnesses and energies that work / live / manifest through our thoughts, words and actions.

Each of these energy fields can be accessed, as they have names (or even when not named). The most important here is one’s ability to see them, while naming just makes things faster once you want to go to (or work on) the specific energy field.

So much for a brief introduction.


Imagine I want to see what’s in one of your energy fields (for example, in your Health field, Intellect field, Material field, Emotions field, etc.) and then I can go straight to it, just like to the locker number 504 on this image.

On other occasions I might just look in one by one energy field (or locker) until I find what’s causing one’s behaviour or what consequences are coming out of it.

In general, energy fields affect not only our non-physical worlds and dimensions but also our “visible reality”, just like some smelly shirts locked in one of these lockers would affect whole locker room: it would not be just one smelly locker, but one smelly locker room.

Sure, imagine how it would be to enter this locker room if someone accidentally left an open bottle of fine French perfume in his / her locker: how the whole locker room would smell nice.


So, what’s in your lockers or energy fields? Smelly shirts or open bottle of fine perfume?

I see that as images or movies, like in this picture: I might find them, select them and play them to see what’s going on. Or I can just change / destroy / remove them if needed. You can do it as well.

Yes, you can do it, too.

Many different modern and traditional systems (or just pure intuition or sense) will signal you that “something is wrong” in some part of your life, but it is easier when you can SEE there’s something wrong.

Then, sometimes you can feel (or get an insight, or thought, etc.) what is wrong, but it is easier when you can exactly know (or READ) what’s going on in your Universe, or some of your energy fields.

And finally, when you know what’s wrong — then you can CHANGE that mental image for the desired one. Sometimes it goes easier, yet sometimes it’s very hard: other non-physical beings and entities, or even your own personas might think otherwise.

Then you have to deal with them first.

Now, to be mentioned just in case, real life appropriate actions must follow as well. Sometimes mental / energy work is enough, yet at other cases real work must be done too. That’s how you can change something in your field, and in your life.

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Please note: mentioned cases are real life cases and not everybody will get such results.

Short disclaimer: The techniques, strategies, and suggestions expressed here are intended to be used for educational purposes only. The author, Filip Dedi, is not rendering medical advice, nor to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, condition, illness, or injury. Filip Dedi claims no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the material presented here. And you can find Filip Dedi’s long disclaimer here.

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