After taking into consideration all the aspects of a well-conducted ICO as well as the current state of the cryptocurrency market, we have decided not to launch the crowdsale in July as previously announced, but on Friday 28th September 2018 at 6am UTC.

We owe you some transparency about the reasons leading to this decision, so here they are:

  • We are still discussing with more Partners and Advisors, and these discussions take time.
  • We are working on more cool features to be added to the SelfPay solution, as the market keeps evolving fast and we want to remain at its edge. …

Those decisions aren’t easy to take. But let’s face it: we need more time. More time to improve what we started. More time to bring the project’s hype where it should be.

When Julien joined this amazing project, we started digging into all aspects, like a general inspection of the current assets. The state of the market, new regulations, competition, etc. We passed everything under a thorough review.

Although some major changes have already been made, such as introducing the masternodes and their rewards scheme, it still needs more polishing. Maybe even a little rebranding. Not the name itself, but a retouch of our visual identity to enhance the public’s perception about what SelfPay is in just one look. This way, we will ensure consistency across all our communication channels, especially for our media coverage (pretty big medias are lined up and waiting for our green light to publish, you will love it). …

SelfPay tackles a US$ 5,000 billion a year market problem: reducing the friction associated with payments and micropayments, both online and in everyday life, while increasing the level of trust on the customer’s side. Transactions are made directly on the payer’s mobile phone.

What is SelfPay and how does it work exactly?

SelfPay is a Point Of Sale. The solution allows each merchant using SelfPay to have:

  • An eCommerce Website.
  • An inventory management system working both online and offline, always synchronized with each other.
  • A payment gateway accepting both credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH with more and more other coins to be added over time). …

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