Exactly! To many, personal development is synonymous with egoism.
Alexei Fimine

In the article she explores her *perception* and relationship to work, and how it has evolved over time. It is inherently a *self-centered* exercise, and I see nothing egoistic about it. It would be if the author did nothing but think about this all day long, not caring about others. But it is not because you sometimes (or even *often*) think and write about your personal emotions and thoughts that you see yourself as the center of the world.

I am curious what would be, for you, a non-egoistic self-development article ? If her article was filled with “I feel like this but I guess other people can feel differently”, it would *dilute* her whole point, and make it less interesting for the reader (at least certainly for myself). Trying to get raw emotions and feelings on paper, without screening them through a social or politically correct filter, is a true and valuable challenge.

For sure, one could think of a different self development *topic*, exploring our relationship with others, our ability (or lack of) to relate to strangers, family members, etc. Those are very interesting topics. Simply, *different* topics than the one addressed here.

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