Selim Milestone


The stone thrown into the water,
Penetrates to the bottom,
Towards its place in the sand.

The water becomes colder,
Light loses its power,
Despite the fear,
Stone continues.

This path makes sense,
Place in the sand
it’s the final address.

Darkness has took the guard,
The cold penetrates to the bones,
Expecting the bottom
Stone shivering not from fear,

But from the cold.

Water tries to discourage him with
Its cold manner,
But he is not reckless:

“Empty are discouragements of skeptics; I see the horizon, as my journey getting sweeter, I hope …”

Down in the trench,
Sand, it greeted with delight,
 While he, declaring a fall with a drop dull sound,
 That slowly penetrates and lost in the depth,
 Drown as a voice in the crowd, 
 Jumping with joy, sand glorifies his courage.

But, who threw the stone into the water?

It does not matter,
For more, after a million years at the bottom
being forgotten,

Floating magma beneath it,
Dissolving him in its molecular grid.
He realizes that his path has stages and that there is no end,
Only changes in the constant of time.
 Awareness of it, further more resonates,
 In the noise and the roar of friction about death of a man,
 In the eyes of man.

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