Be a part of something great: become an Aleo ambassador today!

7 min readApr 5, 2023

Hello, dear subscribers! My name is Marlin, and this is my first article for the Aleo project. So, in this issue, we’re going to look at a rather global issue that my colleagues from the community have written and filmed many articles and videos about:

Be a part of something great: become an Aleo ambassador today! This article will be useful for both newcomers and ambassadors. Let’s do it!

For those of you who are hearing the word “Aleo” for the first time, I’ll tell you in a nutshell to get you up to speed…



Aleo is a new Tier 1 blockchain that uses zero-knowledge cryptography to create scalable and private decentralized applications and is the first platform to offer fully private applications.

In short, Aleo offers users and app developers unlimited computing resources with absolute privacy.


▶️Become an Aleo ambassador today◀️

The team: “2023 has been an active year for Aleo, and we’re only in March! The second phase of Aleo’s Testnet 3 successfully completed on January 31. We had over 44,000 testers connected to the network and reached over 5 BILLION tests per second. Some of these verifiers are even members of our Ambassador Program.

As we begin to move into Testnet 3 Phase III and prepare for the launch of Mainnet in 2023, we are revamping the Ambassador Program again and opening it up several more times in the coming months to welcome a new group of Aleo enthusiasts.”

From these words, the team, we clearly understand. Aleo’s success depends on the support of the community, and that’s where the Aleo Ambassador Program comes in. The program aims to create a network of ambassadors who are passionate about the project and want to spread the word about it to others.

What’s new in the Ambassador program?

Every day the Ambassador program is developing and only getting better, both the team and the ambassadors are working on it. I’d like to introduce you to some innovations:

  • The Points System: We have developed a new points system to allow ambassadors to collect more Aleo points* every month.
  • Rating rubric: We have announced a grading rubric for masters based on the submitted ambassador works.
  • New members of the Masters Club and Maestros: We welcomed travelers, a group of ambassadors between apprentices and masters.
  • Possibility of promotion and demotion of ambassadors: We paved the way for promotions (and even demotions!) within the Ambassador program based on the quality of the submitted work.

Achievements of the Aleo team and community?

The next thing I would like to highlight is the achievements of the Aleo team and community. And here’s why.

  • “In less than a year, our Discord has grown by over 25,000 accounts (now around 57,000+ verified members). As we prepare to launch Aleo Mainnet in 2023, we are increasing the number of ambassadors we accept. We currently have about 200 ambassadors, and we plan to increase this number to 400 by the time the Mainnet launches! We have big goals for 2023, and a robust Ambassador program will help ensure that our community remains a helpful and encouraging place for people to develop Aleo.”

Why should you become an Aleo Ambassador?

I have prepared several good and convincing reasons, namely:

1️⃣Become part of a thriving community:

As an Aleo Ambassador, you will be part of a thriving community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about blockchain technology and its potential to change the world.

2️⃣Get access to exclusive opportunities:

As an ambassador, you will have access to exclusive opportunities such as participation in community events, early access to new features and products, and networking with other ambassadors and Aleo team members.

3️⃣Make a difference in the world:

By promoting Aleo and its mission, you can make a difference in the blockchain world. You will help raise awareness of a project that has the potential to change the way we use and interact with private decentralized applications.

4️⃣Get rewarded:

As an Aleo ambassador, you will have the opportunity to be rewarded for your contributions. Rewards can be tokens, merchandise, and other privileges. But again, this is not reliable information (but most ambassadors count on it, including me)

As the Ambassador program continues to evolve and grow, the team is announcing some new updates below to help clarify many issues.

First, it concerns the brand principle. The team will no longer be using a subjective scoring scale as they have in the past. Instead, if your application is in line with the brand guidelines, you will receive the maximum number of points on the evaluation scale (this information is relevant for both ambassadors and newcomers who are just looking to get an “apprentice” role):

Content must comply with the following rules:

  • No errors (use the free version of Grammarly for English text).
  • All information is correct. That is, we use official sources and take information about the Aleo project only from there.
  • All logos, colors and color variations come from our brand page
    Posts should have NO MORE than two hashtags (hashtags are NOT required).
  • There should be an included action item for readers (e.g.: follow @AleoHQ on Twitter, launch a client node, join our Discord, etc.)
  • We’ve also created a helpful Twitter Guide that goes into more depth on some of these points.
    So, by following these new rules, you can maximize your points for your type of content.

A bot ambassador?

Almost all ambassadors have been waiting for this news, and now the time has come.

“We’re launching our long-awaited ambassador bot (designed and built by an Aleo ambassador). The bot will interact directly with Discord, making monthly submissions and work much easier. Say goodbye to Google Forms and Google Sheets! The bot also includes a leaderboard for ambassadors to see how they rank among their peers.”

If anyone is interested in the Aleo. It hasn’t changed (practically), only the “personal projects” option has been removed.

Is it easy to become an Aleo Ambassador?

Yes, it is and here’s why. All you have to do is show your creativity, imagination and skills.

Are you a writer?

GREAT!!! You can easily get an apprentice role. The first thing we do is choose an interesting topic that will intrigue users and the team. Our next step is to write a script (we take the material from official sources) and all that remains is creative design. That’s it, the article is ready…

Are you a designer?

GREAT!!! You can also easily get the role of “apprentice”. First, choose the type of content — it can be a unique infographic, a preview for an event, or a banner, poster (anything). Or offer your creative idea, for example, to create a platform that you can design in an interesting way and that will be useful to the community. And again, interesting submissions and one creative work (ready) are required. Let’s keep it up!

Are you a developer?

GREAT!!! You can easily get an “apprentice” role. And that’s why, we develop any platform, application that will be useful for Aleo. Or we write documentation (articles) that will explain complex technical issues in simple words for beginners.

As you can see from the above, it’s not difficult, just your desire. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, writer, developer, blogger, event organizer, or anyone else. Everyone can prove themselves and be rewarded with the role of “apprentice”. Good luck, my good friends!

When is the next set of Ambassadors?

According to the team, two additional recruitments are planned. One of them is scheduled for the end of this month, in April.

It happens very quickly and instantly. You get a message in the announcements thread about the start of the application process. If I remember correctly, the form was open for 1 hour and then closed, and there were a lot of participants.

In addition, remember! Fill out the form calmly (prepare everything in advance, including your portfolio), it’s important, because it’s not a given that you will have time to prepare it from scratch, fine.


In conclusion, becoming an Aleo ambassador is a great opportunity for anyone who is passionate about blockchain technology and wants to make a difference. By joining the Aleo community, you will get access to exclusive opportunities, make new friends, and contribute to the development of a project that has the potential to change the world. So what are you waiting for? Apply to become an Aleo Ambassador today!

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