Mr. Black

“Have you seen Mr. Black?”

Read the faded poster tacked to the withering tree

That’s an odd coincidence, he thought to himself

We have the same last name

The night had by now swallowed the sky

He shone his flashlight on the ground to make his way home

Through the dark and dense forest

He walks through, carefully and softly

A rustle in one of the trees

He stops

The tree seemed to go up for miles

The rustle again, louder this time

He turns off his flashlight

Darkness consumes the forest

Goosebumps crawl up onto his skin

I’ll play dead, he thought

Breathing quieted

He thought, can anyone hear my fear?


Suddenly, something lurched down from one of the trees up ahead

Swaying ever so slightly

He could almost make out a face, a figure hanging from the trees

He closed his eyes, hoping that the looming and ominous figure would disappear

It didn’t

But it is very much dead, he assured himself

Another figure, very much alive

Lay lurking, hidden in the trees

With a glint of silver……

Have you seen Mr. Black?

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