3 Fastest Growing Jobs

Students choose their career paths after seeing the trend, but trends do change. When you have enrolled in a degree program that will lead you to a career that will not be as rewarding as you might initially thought. Make care decisions very wisely because things change very quickly.

Students don’t have the guidance and a mentor that can tell them about which careers will be better for you and which is not a good choice. A wrong career path choice can take you at a place from where you cannot return and all your effort goes to waste. Consistent effort in the right direction is as important as the scope of the field that you are pursuing a career in.

Here is the list of top 3 fastest growing jobs.

Network Analyst
With the domination of internet and World Wide Web, you can expect to see network analyst at the top of the list of fastest growing jobs. You need a relevant work experience and certifications to get into this domain. These certifications are recognized all over the world. More and more graduates are choosing networks as a field.

With the evolution of technology, more and more businesses embracing technology, jobs in this field will increase and its dominance growth will not be slowing down any time soon. Businesses will implement the latest technologies and they need network engineers and network analyst for that purpose.

Personal Care Aides
Many modern and advanced countries in the world have growing older population. Good medical facilities and incentives offered by the government have played a vital role in reduction of death rates. With increase in older population, demand of personal care aides has also increased many folds. These personal care aides help in taking care of elder people and provide them medicines at the right time. Elderly person needs someone to take care of them all the time and this role is played by personal care aides.

Application Developer and Software Engineer
With the boom of IT industry, you won’t be surprised to see the software engineering make into this list. With mobile gaining popularity among the masses, application development has also emerged as a fastest growing job. Specialized software to meet the requirements of businesses is still in high demands and software engineers get a good amount for their creations.

Having a bachelor’s degree with sound understanding of Object Oriented Programming is what you need to make a bright future in the field of software engineering. You have lot of choice as far as programming languages are concerned, but the more programming languages you know the more valuable you become for a company. The profession will grow more with new technologies entering the game.

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