Personal Branding 101: Crash Course on How to Leverage Your Own Brand

How can we build a strong personal brand?

Harvey Specter’s Quote from Suits

Do Digital and Discoverable Go Hand in Hand?

  • Fully filled and updated social media platforms
  • Creating relevant and unique content in your field
  • Chasing public speaking opportunities
  • Always being Online and Social: No vacation or sick time here.
  • Leave something tangible behind related to your brand
  • Consistency and repetition
  • Decorate your office with your own taste! Include things that would motivate you such as inspiring quotes, colorful pen-if you’re into that kind of stuff-, a family or pet photo and etc.
  • Make sure the office chair is comfortable enough for you to sit on it for hours, and there is natural light coming into the room.
  • Have a planner, digital or old fashioned, stay organized and plan your days with set goals. Time really flies by and this is an easy way to catch it!




Digital Marketer — Fitness — Healthy Cooking and Baking

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Selin Omurbek

Selin Omurbek

Digital Marketer — Fitness — Healthy Cooking and Baking

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