Image credit: Big Hit Entertainment

The Curious Case Of BTS: How Journalism Mistakes Production For Manufacture

The Western media still fails to comprehend or accurately portray the Korean group, so here is a comprehensive elucidation on why you’re missing the hottest artistic shift of the century.

BTS ... raising the standards of both East and West. (Image credit: Big Hit Entertainment)
In the beginning, BTS suffered with quite the handful. (Image credit: Big Hit Entertainment)
Bangtan's wings were grown themselves, not given by others. (Image credit: Big Hit Entertainment)
A blindfolded Jimin in full feral mode ...
... alongside J-hope, his demonic partner in crime. (Image credit: Mnet)
A regressed J-hope throws a hissy fit in time-out corner ... not unlike some Western folks. (Image credit: Big Hit Entertainment)
Suga galloping heroically along the lonely Award Winning Producer high-road, not giving a sh*t. (Image credit: Big Hit Entertainment)
Western collaborators come to BTS, not the other way around. (Image credit: Big Hit Entertainment)

My interests span art, philosophy, music and history, with a focused interest on different generational experiences.

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