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The Western media still fails to comprehend or accurately portray the Korean group, so here is a comprehensive elucidation on why you’re missing the hottest artistic shift of the century.

It is common for the Western media to characterize the artistry of BTS as "manufactured", "robotic" -- or to quote an arrogant Bowie fan’s response to the comparative analysis I drew up in Part One, "just production".

Gee, I guess "Swan Lake" is also "just production”.

It is fascinating how quickly people will jump in to defend and elevate the authenticity of a Western favourite like David Bowie, as though he didn’t very openly build his whole career identity on artifice, while entirely dismissing the authenticity of a Korean group they have only perfunctorily listened to. If you were to…

Image credit: Big Hit Entertainment

From characters and costumes to lyricism, self-produced music and intellectual input, Bowie and the Bulletproof Boys actually have more in common than you think.

David Bowie is commonly described as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. There’s unlikely to be a single person alive who hasn’t heard his music somewhere, somewhen, somewhy. Be it “Life on Mars”, “Let’s Dance” or “Space Oddity”, casual listeners of a certain generation will associate his name not only with industry influence but also genre-bending, gender-demolishing bisexual concepts spanning several decades of musical output.

I first became a fan of David Bowie six years ago -- drawn in by the introductory riff of “Rebel Rebel” imposed loudly and un-self-consciously over a trailer for the documentary…

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My interests span art, philosophy, music and history, with a focused interest on different generational experiences.

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