COVID19 has destroyed many in-person jobs, but has created many others. At we have built a system that lets you make money online by giving live classes and courses on whatever it is that you are passionate and knowledgeable about.

Here are some reasons why you should consider teaching online:

  1. Teaching online is the new standard.

Teaching used to be confined to a specific location; due to COVID, that is now changing, and online education is the default. This means lots of students are now open to studying online, which means you have clientele literally waiting for you.

2. Teaching online requires nothing but…

Many software projects have a .env or similar file which includes the “secret” keys to a project. In this file, keys and values are often stored in a manner like:


These keys are later read by your application — for example a Ruby app might look at ENV["MY_SECRET_KEY"] in order to find the API keys for 3rd-party services like a payment processor or file storage or a database password/connection string. So these value are indeed quite secret, and the .env file is where many projects store them.

The .env file (that’s the name of the file, “.env”) is often untracked by source control, which in today’s standard setup often means it is in your .gitignore

TLDR: Our San Francisco Landlord company told us out of the blue “no water in the kitchen sink for two days, deal with it”, I researched the legalities and discovered that — as far fas I can tell, and I am not a lawyer — we are legally allowed to withhold rent for these days, and for as long as the problem persists.

* * *

The following is a not-very-interesting legal documentation on an altercation we are having with our landlord company. …

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