Discover spiritual guidance through San Pedro shaman retreats

August 24th, 2016 — Shamans World is offering a one of a kind opportunity to begin the most important spiritual journey of one’s life with the best guide, who will help you discover the path. 
Sure enough, we all live in a very fast-paced society. Nowadays, most people are constantly rushing somewhere, trying to deal with their problems, trying to handle their job related issues, doing their best to make sure that their needs and requirements are satisfied. Still, such a way of life may well turn out to be genuinely depressing. At times, people just stop and wonder where does their journey end and what is the actual purpose of life? Why should we even care and what about the spiritual side of things — not only the material things, but also special, spiritual meaning. Well, some people need years and even decades to discover the true path towards spiritual fulfillment. Yet, you can always begin with something and, chances are, psychedelics will help you a bunch in this. Still, one must be very careful — you should be accompanied by and experienced spiritual guide, who knows just about everything there is to know about all those things and will guide you safely through the whole process. Granted, there are not that many spiritual guides out there. Nevertheless, the only viable option for you would be finding the best shaman, who had to deal with these things before and who will aid you in understanding the spiritual nature of things. Mescaline and the like are not just psychedelics — they are gates to our mind, to the heart of the earth and to its very soul. Nevertheless, only a good shaman will be able to help you open those gates — otherwise, you are just going to lose your time and end up even more confused. 
Sergey Baranov just so happened to be this guide — the spiritual shaman, who is constantly practicing San Pedro shamanism in Peru. Luckily, unlike other shamans, Sergey is ready to arrange San Pedro retreats in Peru, where you could really experience something unbelievable and totally impressive, something that will change your views for good. 
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