Why pay commission to technology platforms ?

when you yourself sell your product?

When you as an entrepreneur, are selling a product online, just like a back story, there’s usually a back process to it. You being the seller, look for the right product, buy a product from your distributor, invest money in it from your own pocket, and put it out there in the online market for sale. Why is it then that you think it is legit to pay a humungous amount of commission to the technology platform that sells your product? Why do e-commerce technology platforms charge commission per product sale and, why should they? 
 When it comes to developing our business as an online selling portal, we do our best to generate our customer base and retain them. And when it is about your business, we understand and acknowledge that it is your sweat and efforts that go into ensuring that your customers get the best quality product.

Both of us are doing our best for our businesses, so taking this into consideration, we at Sellezely firmly believe that it is unfair to charge commission on per product basis; because it is your product and not ours, and they are your customers and not ours. Instead of charging commission on per product sale, we believe that it is fair just to charge a one-time fee from our customers to use the platform.

Time to become social seller for social commerce

Most e-commerce portals claim that the product gets sold because of their brand name, but what they do not realize is that the product also gets sold because of its unique usability value. 
 With this move of ours, we look forward to leveraging the opportunity and changing the selling environment. We believe that more than fighting for visibility space on aggregator platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. one should focus on creating visibility on for the bigger picture on Social Media.

Social Media, gives you as a seller, an opportunity to find the right people/buyers for your product, it allows you to engage with insights, and build healthy relationships with customers.