Tips On Picking A Real Estate Agent

Sell Halifax Real Estate was founded and established by a season real estate advisor, Johnny Dulong. He did not come from a family of realtors but he started working in the automotive supply business. He also played hockey for three years with his Regimental Team while he was in the Canadian Forces. During the boom of the technology industry, he ventured into IT sector and it was only in 2002 when he received his real estate license. From then on, he established Sell Halifax Real Estate and has been polishing the same craft since day one. With his experience from sales, military, IT and real estate, he became good at what he is doing.

Here is some advice from the founder of Sell Halifax Real Estate for people looking for their own listing agent. First and foremost, do not go with the agent that promises to sell your house with the highest price offer and second, do not be tempted by those promising for the lowest commission.

It is not true that agents have no idea how much a property will be able to sell. They have date on their hands such as active sales, comparable sales and pending sales to base these numbers on. The most important part is that you are the seller so you should be the one to decide the sales price you want and the buyer will be the one to accept or negotiate the price you have set.

If the agent is trying to lure by saying your property will sell at the highest price with them, make sure to ask for statistics and numbers. If the agent could not provide you with these, it should be considered as a red flag and start looking for another listing agent.

A good listing agent must be able to give you a price range for the house you want to sell. The minimum and maximum price could have a difference of $10,000 or it could be greater depending on various factors.

It is best to get an offer within 30 days after putting your property on the market. The ideal is 21 days after but it will only happen if a good real estate agent such as Sell Halifax Real Estate was able to advice the seller with the right pricing.