Why is Elon Musk a Genius?

You might suppose that I just admire the very idea of space exploration, but you would be wrong. I am still a cynic in this matter. I adhere to the idea of Jacque Fresco that we need to put things in order first on our Earth, and only then fly to conquer space. Nevertheless, even considering this fact, one cannot but consider Elon Musk the real genius of the century.

My respect for him is not built on the fact that he successfully launches rockets, heavy launch vehicles, successful results, and so on. No, not because of this. In addition, for how cool, beautiful and stylish this person is promoting the ideas of science to the masses. Elon, being a wealthy, successful and stylish businessperson, is by definition the idol of many people, including young people. Moreover, this very idol says that science is cool. This idol opens people’s interest in science.

In my opinion, our main problem is the lack of the right idols. Well, a schoolchild will not go to physics and mathematics until there is not a single revered successful physicist in the country. The country’s cultural, economic and political conditions produce stupid people by popularizing social themes. But not science. Science is not profitable, not prestigious. Girls do not fall for it. However, Elon Musk laughs at these standards. Young people look at him, he is cheerful, rich, and he has world fame. Moreover, all this came because he is an investor, scientist, and businessperson. Moreover, young people are inspired by this. The lack of interest in science among young people is because there are no interesting people there. You look at scientists and you realize that most of them are boring, gloomy people.

In addition, there is a diametrically opposite case — Elon Musk. He is rich, successful, funny, and stylish. Women love him, people love him. It is such a person that you want to admire, you want to be the same, and he inspires you. It is the absence of such people who are close to youth in spirit and interests, who indulge in their Instagram with a flamethrower that we lack. Young people see them as friends and idols, whom they want to be equal to.

Such people are lacking in politics. People who will be an idol for young people, so that all people, starting from high school, become interested in politics, then there may be a risk that these people will have a sober outlook on life. He will not have a clear political position. Although it is fashionable to say, I am out of politics. I associate such people with lower forms of life, because even among primates there is an understanding of the regime. What does it mean that you are outside of politics, you live in this country, and it means that you are already a part of this whole mechanism. Moreover, when you say that you are outside this mechanism, it is slyness. You may not be in him, but he is in you for sure. In addition, he will influence your life. In addition, you are not on it.

Elon Musk is an exemplary billionaire. Having money adds to responsibilities. They need to be invested correctly. The goal of every person is to create something, to improve someone’s life better. If all people thought according to this model, then we would live in a world that today seems utopian to us. Nevertheless, the problem is that the cultural and intellectual level of most billionaires is quite low. After all, it is enough just to remember how they got their fixed assets, they were just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. You don’t need a brain for this.

Musk, in turn, is not like that. He is a man who is obsessed with the idea of ​​improving humanity. It would seem that he created PayPal, he all became a billionaire. Stop in place. However, he didn’t. He creates Tesla and promotes the idea of ​​electric vehicles to the masses. Remember a couple of years ago, when the very idea of ​​an electric car was ridiculous. Today? Moreover, this is the merit of Elon Musk. Hybrid electric vehicles are now made not only by Tesla, but also by Toyota, Nissan and so on. And thanks to Musk for that.

It would be extremely unfair to give all the admiration to Elon Musk alone for all the achievements. Of course, these are all his merits, but do not forget that these merits became possible for him due to the support of the state. In addition, this is the correct attitude of how the state should support the country’s science. The future belongs to people who create, for example, SpaceX programs. Finances support them, taxation is being lowered. Moreover, that is how it should be. People work for the future of the country, and in turn, the country is doing everything possible so that these people do not even think about moving to another.

Moreover, the problem is that there are many of such “Elon Musks” among the people, but because of the poorly developed science in their country, they simply cannot get out into the world to show their creations. This is sad. In addition, Elon Musk is doing everything possible to erase this line. In addition, after that, how can you not admire this person?



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