When you need to get rid of that house

Look, we know that real estate is a huge deal and when you’re trying to make a real estate transaction, it can be quite a process.

What does traditional real estate look like?

Well, first you find an agent or realtor. Then they have to go through their process of creating poor quality photos so that they can then gather all the data about the home and list it on MLS.

Now it’s a waiting and negotiation game. Many people come and go looking at the homes, attempt to negotiate it down and get very nit-picky. You may need to add extra paint, repair a few things, sometimes have to deal with a serious issue on the property before any of the potential buyers will talk seriously.

Now after months and many thousands of dollars of repairs, you finally have a buyer who’s ready to go. Ah, but it’s not quite over yet — you still need proof of funds from the bank and that requires the buyer to qualify and get approved.

Then you need to deal with the Title company and escrow.

But we’re not quite done yet! The real estate agent wants their 3% cut. Oh, and so does the real estate agent for the buyer. And don’t forget the closing costs that the buyer expects you to split with them.

After all is said and done, with the opportunity cost of all the extra fees + your time spent in the entire process, you come out MUCH lower than if you were to sell to someone who can give you a cash offer.

That’s where we come in. Tell us about your property, we give you a cash offer, and if you accept we can have all said and done with cash in your hands in as little as 7 days.

Interested? Check out Sell My House Easy Fast or you can find us at:


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