Within a Few Days We Will Know

Within a few days we will know whether the United States of America will be a country turned towards the future or a country of the past.

We know who represents one and who represents the other. Everyone instinctively understood that with this election the all world is at a turning point.

Dark forces are acting from the bowels of what was once the Kingdom of Rasputin; even the head of the FBI lost his mind. Intimidated? How to know? Nobody wants plutonium into the family tureen.

Nevertheless, one wonders if the fate of democracy is to get there. Where we no longer vote for a better world, but only as a remedy against the fear of change, the fear of the others. That’s not American!

It is strange, United States of America became a great nation by cutting ties with the past and the old world; now it is promised to become great again by returning to the past under the rule of the old world.

It is odd, all these people who say they want to recover the values that have made America, in fact, do anything other than to bury it.

In a few days it will be done. We will know if the world can always rely on the United States of America to carry the dream, or if what was once a great nation will have join History –in the dusty chapters of the past.

One again, perhaps for the last time before that the Country itself would be groped, we should remember: “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

First and foremost, everyone must vote!