Mastering Multimedia

When on a mission to promote a client or your own business, it’s essential to consider all fronts of media. It’s not just enough to slap together a video and throw it out into the universe with high hopes. Consumers are a fickle, easily distracted people. If you don’t give them a variety of engaging content to entertain them, they will go searching for it elsewhere in a heartbeat.

When creating your marketing plan, it’s important to look at all the possibilities of promotion. Does your project lend itself well to videos? How about a podcast? Maybe you can promote through a photo story. If you can manage to do it, create as much content as possible! You can never have too many types of media. People love to interact with a variety of content. And remember that we all have our own unique learning styles! Some people prefer to read when getting information, some prefer more involved types of learning. In order to reach the largest crowd, multimedia is essential.

Once you decide the kinds of media projects you’d like to take on, its time to come up with time frames and a budget. In a perfect world, we could snap our fingers and have the worlds best promotional blog with a kick-ass text ad campaign ready to go. But the reality is that these things take a lot of time. There’s so many minuscule parts that make up these sorts of projects. And glazing over those little things isn’t doing yourself any favors.

Money will, unfortunately, govern a lot what you’re working with. I know numbers are boring but it’s absolutely necessary. Budgeting will be the difference between smooth sailing and running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to make ends meet. Sit down, take a breathe and work through some of the logistics. Luckily, we live in a time where being a creator is pretty simple. There are a variety of resources online so be sure to take advantage of them! If you can manage to do something yourself rather than pay someone, try to do it! Just make sure your content is crisp and appealing.

Team work makes the dream work so definitely try and rally the troops when it comes to promotion. Bouncing ideas off a motivated set of minds can be a magical way to get the ball rolling. And when you have a laundry list of tasks to complete, delegation is key. If you have a team, try to find each member’s strength and use it to your advantage. In my Multiculturalism and Strategic Communications workshop, my classmates and I were given a real client. Our job was to promote a booklet our journalism department was about to release. Our professor knew our strengths and allocated the tasks we decided on accordingly. Let me tell you, this was the smoothest group project I’ve ever been a part of.

So go fourth and promote! Plan, plan, plan. Cater to your audience. Remember your online resources. And don’t take it all on by yourself. With the right motivation your project will sprout wings and take flight. The rest will fall right into place.

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