Yogis of Old Town Fort Collins

It’s more that just a trendy workout. Yoga is a community. There are so many faces and unique stories behind the yogis of Fort Collins. Whether they’re just dipping their toes into the practice or they’ve been at it for years, these individuals have a tale to tell. With any popular phenomenon, it can be easy for the individuals to get lost in the crowd. I created this photo story as a homage to the Humans of New York page and the beautiful humans that are in our local yoga community. Here are some of the people of Old Town who love yoga and what its done for their lives.

Yoga is a time to be able to just sit and reflect and be yourself. You don’t have to really rely on anything else to make you happy or to be in that moment. It’s all you. You can feel the amount of strength and amazing things that the body can do. It’s incredible!” — Sienna
“Yoga is something that’s new to me. I enjoy it because it helps me expand on my body’s physical ability. It helps me enter a stage of clarity and really helps my consciousness be one with itself.” — Austin
“The chaos of the world is temporarily calm when I do my yoga .” -Krutheeka
Friends Austin and Krutheeka strike a pose in an Old Town alleyway.
“I love yoga because it allows me to just take a step back from the world and breath and become one with myself.” -Jotsna
“I can’t express in words how much yoga has transformed my life. Every moment seems a little sweeter. I hold more love and respect for both myself and those who share this beautiful, chaotic world with me. As Yogi Bhajan once said, happiness is our birthright. Yoga helped me realize that.” -Selena (AKA me, the writer behind the blog)