Why I Support Jallikattu?

Cave painting 2500 Yrs Old

Just before I substantiate the Importance of Jallikattu let me brief the history of this cultural practice.

The Jallikattu has been known to be practiced during the Tamil classical period (400–100 BC).[1][2] It was common among the ancient people Aayars(Yadava) who lived in the ‘Mullai’ geographical division of the ancient Tamil country.[3][4] -Source wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jallikattu

We can clearly see that Jallikattu has been practised around 100 BC and to my knowledge this is a documented evidence so the origin could be little more earlier presumably before Tamilians learnt the art of inscription.

This cultural event has been preserved from generations to generations without losing its credentials of worshipping God , togetherness, embracing cattle and more importantly a best/genuine method of selecting best bull for breeding and in way conserving the native breed which are much advantageous for our region.

Now let me answer some questions raised by some people in a popular TV channel.

Q: Why don’t you practise SATI that is also an ancient Practice?

Ans: My dear friend Sati is not a cultural practise it is an absolute funeral Custom and its evidence is classified around 9th century AD. It was not widely celebrated but was practised by some group of communities and it happened very rarely due to over love or fear. Remember if it was very prevalent what would have happened? we have enough information from history that in ancient period women lived much longer than men. Do do you have answer for this?

Q: I have not been south India nor lived any villages but seeing the video I could clearly see that Bull is Tortured and killed so this a uncivilized practise.

Ans: Ha Ha Ha first of all you disobey our father of Nation Gandhi Principle/theory/Advice , remember you should not believe in something by just hearing and seeing instead you need to a deep analysis of things before you agree on something.

Q: Don’t you see there is clear evidence of cruelty ( By the TV Anchor himself)

Ans: My dear friend you are a moderator so why are you taking sides and biased towards our Jallikattu Supporters. When you are asked about cricket do you first talk about betting or the fun associated while watching or playing? Please stop by just telecasting some clips of Bulls being tortured alone remember being a journalist you need to contribute to wellness of all parties involved so show videos how farmers in villages take care of their Cattle and worship them.

My dear readers Jallikattu is an identity of our Tamil Existence so we need to celebrates this by any means for ex talk to your friends, kids, father, mother and sister about Jallikattu .

Let us all embrace this tradition and remember we are all farmers once harvesting our own food for the existence before we made farming as a business.

Love my people and Proud of my Culture.

Happy Pongal!!