Photo taken from Twitter.

My light.

I was trapped in darkness when you found me.

I wasn’t even searching.

I was bent on giving up on love for it only disappoints.

What’s love when people take you for granted and treat you like shit once they’ve gotten what they want from you?

In and out of abusive relationships with the wrong people. A girl can only take too much.

There’ll always be someone better than you – someone prettier, someone hotter, someone smarter, someone more attractive than you.

And I’m just a random face in the crowd.

I figured, why the hell should I give another shot at love again when all it does is hurt me at the end of the day?

I’ve been hurt time and time again to a point where my heart is bruised.

To a point when my heart turned cold.

So I raised the white flag.

I closed my heart to any potential suitors; no matter how sincere or nice they seem because eventually I’ll see right through their kindness and also love will run out at some point of time. It always does.

And then I met you. Again.

Eight years later.

It started off with a random birthday wish. You wished me with a lengthy text on my birthday.

We hadn’t spoken in so many years.

And to be honest though, at the back of my mind I was like,

“Oh my god I can’t believe he texted me just to wish me.”

Because a part of me have always thought that you hated me somehow for hurting you when we were young.

And from that day on, we just never stopped talking to each other.

I opened up to you easily, probably because we’re both familiar with each other.

I’m comfortable with you.

I guess a hidden part of us have always loved each other still and I guess being reunited rekindled that love.

You make falling for you again so damn impossible.

And here we are today.

High school sweethearts who were apart for 8 bloody years, ever so in love with each other.

I love him more with each passing day, it’s insane really.

I’ve never been one to be clingy, I’m a truly independent person even when I’m in a relationship but it’s all different when it comes to him.

I need to be around him. I crave for his presence. Like, he could just be beside me and we’d just be watching tv at home, with our fingers entwined and yet it’s the best day for me.

Doing just about anything with him is yet another one of my dreams coming true. He completes me. I mean, yes we’re our own whole individuals but his presence in my life makes the world a better place for me to live in.

I look forward to every single day with him.

He’s the light that I never knew I needed.

He’s my person.

And I am so lucky to have him.

This time, I’m never letting him go.