Dear Mr. Trump: Here Are Some “Bad Hombres” You Can Kick Out Of The US
Ellie Guzman

I am in every way a non-violent person — so why is it I cannot view an image of Martin Shkreli without immediately wanting to punch him in his nose?

My grandma used to say “we earn our faces,” by which she meant the faces we end up with (usually when we’re old, but often much sooner) will eventually reflect the person we are, and have been. No, we can’t deport U.S. citizens, we’re unfortunately stuck with F**khead Five, but it’s easy to look at their faces, see the ignorance, entitlement, smugness, self-centeredness and total lack of empathy and concern for anything outside of their own skins (except possibly money) and see that, young as most of them are, they’ve already earned their faces. How anyone could imagine them worthy of any sort of trust and respect escapes me.

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