The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD

In your place, I might have used the phrase “Democratic Socialism” rather than merely “Socialism,” to cut down on the number of angry responses saying, “But… North Korea! China! The U.S.S.R.!” Sadly, I guess not many people realize that there’s a distinct difference between Socialism and Communism, or are aware that “Socialist” (or, for that matter, “Democratic”) in a country’s name generally indicates either a Communist country or a dictatorship.

For me, the best system is one that strikes a balance: it encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, lets people achieve financial success and have nice things, but at the same time makes sure everyone has food, warmth, housing, education, medical care, quality child and elder care, and other essentials, all without shaming them or making the services anything but part of the social contract. Maybe it’s my heritage (two Swedish, one Norwegian and one Canadian grandparents) but I sometimes really struggle with the coldness, selfishness and greed that now seem to be everywhere in this world, especially in my own country. The values I was raised in — work hard, constantly seek to improve your education, serve your community, take care of other people whether they’re family, friends, neighbors or strangers, give generously of time and money, be honest and honorable, work to alleviate suffering wherever you find it, respect others, be kind — now seem to be perceived as foolish and useless, and “survival of the fittest,” or “every man for himself” seen as the only way to go. We’re ruled by a man who literally sits (and probably Tweets from) a golden throne and is fine with letting children suffer.

I’m not fine with letting anyone suffer. I never will be.