Egg Shells

What I wish someone told me:

Do not feel like you are walking on egg shells, as if everything you say will result in the most nuclear outcome.

Stop focusing on what other people think and work to improve yourself.

This is fear. You will struggle to overcome this deep rooted insecurity. It is the fear that everything you do will result in the most extreme reaction from people. Whether it’s in a friendship, relationship, or workplace.

Hell, you might give yourself that reaction, too. You might hear that voice in your head which makes you feel unconfident.

You need to feel confident in your decisions. Know what you want instead of fearing what your friends, parents, or significant other might think.

One decision you make will not make everyone think less of you. Take comfort in the fact that everyone feels uncomfortable.

However, if you are unsure of your decisions every single day of your life and you’re afraid of pushing boundaries then you will not develop as a person.

It will only hold you back.

Push your internal monologue, your fear, up and out of your system. Purge your mind of doubt and stop caring about what others think.

Be sure of yourself.

You need to know what you want. You cannot be a pushover. Even if you seem like you are, others will try to impose themselves on you, walk over you.

Given the opportunity, people will make a doormat of you.

Counteract this by being confident enough in jealousy so that when the time comes, you plant yourself and stick to your guns.

Follow your internal compass.

Be sure of yourself and do not give into fear.

Speak up when you have something today. You will be filled to the brim with regret if you don’t.

Use your voice.

Break out of your shell with every ounce of strength that you can muster. It will take time but with effort, you will be free.

Sometimes you are your worst enemy. Sometimes you will have to kick your own ass to get better.

Your comfort zone is not helping you improve. Push your boundaries and test new waters to become your best self.