Feeling Down in the Dumps? Try These Remedies!

Sometimes I sit around and wallow in my thoughts until my anxiety swallows me like a pit of quicksand.

As someone who has been diagnosed for anxiety, these are some remedies that I employ to clear my head and relive my stress.

I’m sure they will help YOU, too!

Clear Your Head- Breathe

Just relax. It’s easier said than done but if you let your thoughts fester, it will only increase your anxiety. Most of your stress is in your head (in scenarios that haven’t happened).

Focus on the what is not the what if.

The most important part is that you need to practice your breathing.

Walk — No Phone!

For me, walking is the ideal remedy for many of my problems: stress, writer’s block, money, relationships, and many others.

My mind works as naturally as it is meant to as I meditate while listening to the soft wind as the birds chirp in the background and the setting sun’s rays warm my face.

You might feel the need to bring your phone for music but it’s more effective to be present instead of blocking out your thoughts with ear bud but you can at least put it on airplane mode. Instead, you can think clearly or greet people that you see along your way.

Doesn’t hurt that walking is a great form of exercise, either!


It’s no lie that showers are the best places for creative ideas. Hot or cold!

Recently I’ve been taking cold showers because it helps me relax after working out. As crazy as it sounds, a cold shower is a really effective way to empty your head of worries. You will focus on the now and feel stronger for withstanding ice water pounding down your back.

You think, focus on breathing but eventually you grow used to it.

Make sure to have a pen and pad close by to jot down those great ideas!


It is therapeutic when you see your innermost thoughts physically in front of you. Journaling is a great way to clear your head and be honest about how you really feel, even if you aren’t sharing your writings with another person.

I write every morning after I read and it keeps me motivated for the day.

So write about anything. Do it for you!


Sure, you can gorge on cookie dough ice cream and Chinese takeout but if you’re feeling down and really want to feel better, eat something that won’t cause your body to lash out later!

Cook at home. Even simple dishes like pasta or chicken will make you feel better and more productive.

Since March, I have been cooking different dishes multiple times a week and it’s a big help for me because I’m not shelling out a fortune on something that I need to do three times a day.

Drink Water

Not tea. Not coffee (put down that venti!). Just regular wataaah (none of that flavored stuff)! You need more fluids, not less.

Reach Out

If you feel down all the time, sometimes you just need someone to listen. Perhaps a friend, parent, S.O, or a trained professional. Opening up feels great when it’s with the right person(s).


Sometimes you just need some Zs. Remember, we were all squealing babies once and if food didn’t help, it was probably time for a nap. Even your phone needs a charge and so do you!

Try it! ‘Nuff said.

While there are other strategies to remedy stress and anxiety, these are the ones that work well for me!