Fuck the people. The people don’t know what they want.

They have proven it time and time again.

Like a horny, sex addled teenager’s brain, the people have jumped into the disease riddled hole without a second thought of the future and its consequences.

Again and again people have become drunk on cookie cutter nationalistic rhetoric with the American consumerist idea that BIGGER IS BETTER!

Fuck that. Smarter is better and the people need to get smart.

Now our teenager is beginning to realize the error of his thoughtless ways. Good for him but the shit show hasn’t even started yet.

The voting population is suckered in by we and together and feel this overwhelming illusion of unity.

Anyone who performs the loudest show gets the vote. Anyone who makes the biggest splash gets the vote. Anyone who speaks the hate on people’s minds gets the vote because people just want to be entertained.

You cross your fingers and hope (such a last resort word) that everything will get better in the future. That lazy mindset that everything will work itself out in the end.

None of this shit in the attention grabbing gamble of corruption that is politics will magically work itself out in the end. Surprise!

And the best part is that it’s all your fault.

Not all of you, obviously. Many of you have the right idea and you know that everything isn’t as healthy and ship-shape as it should be. Many of you see the truth. There are many of you with voices and ideas that can help us get better.

But not enough.

You are still outnumbered.

There are more attention grabbing hogs that gorge from the trough of greed, excess, shady deals, and corruption.

The corruption is there! Like a massive fucking crack in a car windshield. Some of us just choose to see it while the majority of us continue to treat this ailment like business as usual.

Things will not get better and it is the people’s fault. All talk and no action as a result of a revolving door of bigots and hype men who want nothing but to abuse the powers that allow them to exist in the first place as the gaping masses do nothing to prevent it.

Carlin had the right idea.

People don’t want the responsibility. It is the bystander effect to a massive fucking degree. Most people become lazy and unaware like a selfish fat blob of flesh and think that someone else is going to clean their shit for them and it is contagious.

What matters to everyone, especially the people in power is that everything LOOKS like it works because that’s what many politicians know best. That appearances are more important than truth.

Get off your asses and hold those in power accountable. That’s the purpose of our leaders, to be the voice of the voiceless. Not to bend us over and fuck us while grinning like a jackal in a hedonistic state of power and greed.

Change is impossible unless you get off your ass and get to work. Become aware and take action.

Until then my fellow Americans, take your medicine.

You made the choice. Face the consequences.

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