Human Toxins: You might know people like this

The most poisonous people that can very well cripple you on the road to adulthood are some of the people that you would least expect: your parents.

Fucking cancer people.

Toxic parents don’t have to physically harm you in order to kill you. All they have to do is berate your mind with an accumulating cloud of negativity, neuroses, and insecurities until you are a shell of a human.

I’ll let you in on a secret. Just because parents are blood does not mean you have to let them control you.

The saddest part is that a vast percentage of people don’t realize this until later in their lives.

Multitudes of parents are those who are just working with what they know, people who are trying to prepare their kids as well as possible to handle the world. Then there is the other side of the coin: the toxic parent.

To them you are little more than an appliance to be used only when it fits their selfish needs.

True reality means nothing to them because they have a reality of their own constructed in their head that you cannot convince them isn’t reasonable. Never are they accountable for their own mistakes (if they EVER admit to making them).

It is the ultimate, guilt-free way to live by using offspring as trash cans to dump their insecurities into, only for the offspring to pass the waste onto the next generation like an incurable epidemic.

Smart people adapt, they are aware and try to improve themselves and the really smart people notice their family’s quirks early on so they can do something about it.

Meanwhile, the genuinely blind and stupid population believe that the universe will change for their needs.

Such toxic people can’t be changed and you shouldn’t invest your valuable patience into trying to change them.

People who want to improve will do so. Instead, counteract the poison by avoiding toxic people. It will be a Herculean task and a lot of time and patience it will take but eventually you can be free.

Free to be your own person instead of an object for someone who won’t acknowledge your worth unless it’s to manipulate you into serving them.

You do not put your future on the line to take care of someone who won’t grow up and accept change.

Codependence and lack of awareness is poison.

Blood does not mean that you are obligated to remain loyal to someone who doesn’t value you.

Be aware of your worth and care for yourself because you’re all you have.