I Can’t Say “I Love You”

Can’t say “I love you”.

Just can’t.

Not to my mother, father, sister, or grandmother.

Oh, also my girlfriend. I love her. She’s my light. She knows it but I can’t say it.

Can’t say it to some people because I really don’t love them.

They’ve hurt me too much.

They’ve lied too much.

Can’t say “I love you” because the meaning has been warped in my ears.

Truth be told, it holds no meaning.

People think it holds power but it doesn’t.

It’s just a word.

A hollow word.

People “love” like they “like”. It’s used to show interest.

Some throw it around like they’re handing out candy.

I’m afraid of it. To misuse it. Overuse it.

I don’t say.

I act.

That’s why I can’t say “I love you”.