9 Joomla Myths You Should Know

Joomla is a popular and coming to age CMS platform that is being used by small and medium businesses to improve their visibility on the web. If you are planning to create your own Joomla powered website, then you are indeed making a good decision. Open source and fully customizable platform like Joomla offers you great many benefits.
There are development myths associated with Joomla. All these myths slow down the progress of Joomla in terms of adaptability. Many businesses have refrained from using this platform to deliver a website because of the myths stated here.

Only for Private Websites
Many websites that are planning to go public feel that Joomla is not for them. This is a wrong notion! You can consider developing a website on Joomla, be it a private or a public website, if you are aware of all the technicalities involved in developing a public website. If you don’t know, just get the requisite details, and get started.

Vulnerable Platform
Many individuals don’t go for Joomla as they feel it is highly vulnerable. A lot of people have this misconception that Joomla offers low security and can be easily hacked. The whole issue of vulnerability is not with Joomla but the hosting solution that you have chosen for Joomla. It is important to have the right hosting solution if you don’t want to compromise on security

Cannot be Accessed
Many feel that websites based on Joomla cannot be accessed easily. If that were the case the success ratio of Joomla would be zero. You just need to customize your website the right way and use the right extensions to allow access

Tabular Modules
Some of the third party Joomla modules do have tables in them. But, that is not a general concept. Not every Joomla module is tabular in format. If you think so, then you need to get your Joomla basics right!

Powerful and Sluggish
Really! You really feel that Joomla is powerful and sluggish? Well what type of website have you used it for? If you own a two page website, your platform is surely going to be powerful and sluggish. But, if your website is big, you may not face this

Takes Time for Development
Which website, when developed or customized to your requirement, does not take time? The whole issue with website development, especially the customized websites, is that it takes a bit of your time and effort. If you think websites can be created in a day, then you are wrong. Again, with Joomla, you will see that it takes only that amount of time that is required to create a website.

Low on Flexibility
Many developers have requirements to which Joomla does not comply. Joomla looks for parameters the fields of which can be restored and retrieved through database, which obviously Joomla does not allow. That does not make it inflexible. It is just that you don’t have such facilities with Joomla

Difficult to Learn
It is a bit complicated CMS as compared to WordPress. But, if you set to learn it, you will find that it is definitely not that difficult either.

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Deepa, a technical writer with SilverTouch, who now devotes her time in advising its clients to hire joomla developers. She offers information as well as tips and latest trends in this domain. Her love for reading helps her constantly provide latest information on different technical and design aspects of Joomla

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