Advantages of ASP.Net Framework for Developers

Choosing the right platform to give your business the ideal solution is highly important. ASP.Net framework is a favorite with developers especially when it comes to developing high-end applications. It’s one of the best platforms to give out innovative and custom solutions that suit the business needs perfectly. No wonder, most developers prefer building innovative applications using this platform.

ASP.Net which is basically Active Server Pages.Net, a platform offered by Microsoft helps build dynamic and feature rich web applications. You can use the powerful features and functionality offered by Visual Studio and C# to develop your apps. The main reason this technology is preferred is the way it allows you to build dynamic websites that can be updated automatically.

While there are many advantages associated with ASP.Net technology, here we will discuss benefits that developers can derive from this framework, while building innovative solutions.

Reduced Coding: When developing high end solutions, wherein you need the updates to be automatic, you need to make sure the load on the sites is less. This is why ASP.Net is preferred by most people. It reduces the amount of coding required for you to develop the websites.

Enhanced Security: You are always concerned with the security that you are able to offer with a web application. ASP.Net, with its in-built Windows authentication and configuration for individual applications, you will be able to offer better security with your applications.

Better Performance: Some of the functionality that come with this platform include just-in-time compilation, early binding and native optimization. With these features, you can better the performance of your application.

Powerful Tools: This framework comes with a rich toolbox along with one of the best WYSIWYG editor. You can design aesthetic pages with these tools.

Keeps it Simple: It is every a developer’s need to keep the applications as simple as possible. You can perform most of the tasks easily with this framework. It makes site configuration easy too.

Easy to Maintain: You can easily maintain sites that have been developed using ASP.Net framework. The source code is combined with HTML, and the source code is executed on server, which adds to its flexibility.

Language Independent: This is a language independent framework. You can choose to build your application using the language you are most comfortable with. You can build in features that you feel is ideal for your application.

Easy to Deploy: You can easily deploy the developed applications as this framework comes with in-built configuration.

The newest version ASP.Net 4.5 shows how evolved and mature this platform has become. This newer version is a part of Visual Studio 2012, and comes with many new and better features. One of the many features, which you should be aware of, is the bundling and minification feature. With this the scripts and stylesheets are minified, thus improving the performance of your application. With the value provider feature, you can filter the data easily. You can unit test the methods with this new version, and create forms that are independent of the model. This model binding feature is definitely a necessity for creating high end applications using ASP.Net

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Source: Apsense