Magento Features that Remain Unknown

Magento is a highly inspiring platform solution to build e-commerce solutions thus giving your business a boost. You will see that almost all the features available with Magento enrich your store, and help flourish your business. While most of the Magento features are live and accessible, you will see that many features are still unknown. These features will help take care of some of the trivial issues that bother you while working on this platform. Here are some of the lesser known yet very powerful features of Magento

Set the Admin Session
Many times while working with the admin panel, you will see that you have been timed out. You were trying to change the product description, but for some reason when you began saving it, you realized you were timed out. You have an option of setting the admin session lifetime to work uninterrupted.

Go to System>Config>Admin>Security>Session Lifetime (seconds)

You will need to set the value to over 3600 seconds. This is so that your admin session does not get logged out every 60 minutes

Nest Static Blocks
Do you feel the need to make the content more manageable? With the static blocks, you will be able to divide the different content blocks thus simplifying the content. You can reduce the amount of content in the static blocks nest the different static blocks to be called on a single category or product page.

Allow Customer Ratings
Do you want your customers to rate your products on various parameters? You can now add the different parameters.

All you need to do is go to catalog>reviews and ratings>manage rating

You can add the star rating criteria here. All rating parameters are manageable at the store view level

Create Admin Action Log
With this logging functionality, you can log the actions that you want to record. With such a log you can easily diagnose the issues that you encounter. How will you log the admin actions?

Go to System>Admin Actions Log and check the boxes next the actions you want logged.

Pricing the Items
In case, you want to display a different pricing for multiple quantities of a particular product, you can easily do so using tier pricing. How will you set tier pricing?

Go to Magento Admin>Catalog>Managed Products

Now click on the item that you want to add tier pricing to

Click on pricer>Add Tier

Now, you should enter the quantity for the tier pricing; also add the price per item and then press save. You will see the tier pricing on your e-store

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