How Git can help me organizing my tasks

I know some people like me have difficulties at certain moments when committing messages in Git. During the development, you are make bunch of code without worrying if the code was related to only one feature or fix. And at the moment you commit, you don’t know which message to use to translate the objective of commit.

Yesterday I had an insight when I was thinking on this matter: if I plan my messages before making the commits? This will force me to think about my activities. For example, I can write a text file with a list. This will become a perfect TO-DO list, and help me to make my commits. We can use the project and delete the items as you make the commits.

The list goes like this:

  • Create site structure;
  • Create header;
  • Add navigation menu;
  • Add banner;

Apart from helping you to build and comment your commit, it’ll also make it easier for you to have a checklist. This tool helps you avoid forgetting some activities and can be used with new projects.

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