Our Father’s Retirement And The Shared Fear Of Uselessness
Frank Caron

“shared feared”?

typo in the post title is never a good thing…. interesting article though. hopefully your father regains some usefulness by paving the way for you and your brother to learn how to deal with retirement so that neither of you have to struggle with it the same way as he does.

although to be fair… if you are never going to have children, why bother? you are already intending to be pretty much useless in the grand scheme of things. the sum of everything you do in your life is like a speckle in the picture of the electron cloud of an atom that takes part in a molecule composing a grain of sand, which makes up a mountain which represents the contribution that all your offspring and their offspring could make if you bothered to fulfil your life’s goal and reproduce. do it. there are enough useless idiots doing it and helping to ruin the future for all of us… :)

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