Look For The Positives ☁️️

The suppression of creativity in the form of art, literature, etc. in a communist society is a key technique of reality distortion — standard propaganda 🇻🇳. For decades ‘unapproved’ paintings, tv shows, and books were all banned.

The creatives in Vietnam has grown exponentially since the 70s. It’s humbling to see so many unique events, exhibitions, and agencies popping up all of the city. The creative community here is expanding and demand for design orientated projects will likely trend up.

Being one of the fastest growing economies in Asia brings along the growing pains — an increase in qualified / skilled workforce.

Senior (or good creative thinking) designers are as rare as Biggie’s Coogi jumper collection (left). This means more than likely, they’ll have the luxury of picking and choosing whom to with and what to work on. A close friend of mine recently gave me a great example worthy of sharing.

She focused on all the good thangs (🐱💰🍀 — a Lil Wayne reference) and none of the bad. The choice was between 3 different companies but the role was very similar, this is her ‘gravy list’:

Company #1

  • Flexible hours
  • Comfortable working environment
  • The best equipment

Company #2

  • Strong vision and values
  • Mentorship directly from the CEO
  • Getting her hands dirty — build everything from scratch
  • Freedom to experiment

Company #3

  • Academy training
  • Silicon Valley talent (former employee of a little search engine)
  • Social life

What they all have in common

  • Working with smart creatives (in reference to the book ‘How Google Works’)
  • Ability to travel
  • Run a team, create new processes and best practises
  • Great benefits — health insurance, free flow 🍺, snacks, etc.
  • Building innovative products
  • Funding

I admire how she looked at the decision objectively and her focal point was purely 😄. Whatever her decision, I’m sure its the right one.

Key takeaway is be involved in the community in which you operate and open yourself up to opportunities.

P.S. I joked that her reaction must of been like Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2 (video below).