Review: My First Stitch Fix Box

I got my first Stitch Fix box in May, about a week after my birthday. Before creating my profile, I read this blog post from a few years ago that gave some really practical advice and helped me feel ready to jump into this styling service I’d heard good things about. Because it was around my birthday, my parents were kind enough to send me a gift card for the website, so I had hope for keeping some of the clothes budget-wise.

There were some great pieces in the shipment. The stylist definitely got my personality and the colors I gravitate toward, but not everything flattered me as much as I would’ve hoped. I was thrilled that they include a note and suggested outfit pairings as part of the Fix (see end of this post). It was a nice feature that makes it feel like the box really is picked just for you.

They sent earrings like this (not my picture):

Leanne Infinity Drop Earrings by Zad

I really liked them a lot — I think they would’ve suited me well—but they were enough out of my budget that I decided not to keep them.

I knew this dress was meant for me from the moment I saw it in the shipment:

41Hawthorn Jace Embroidered Lace Dress

It’s blue, has a great shape and length, and it has pockets! Naturally, I kept it. I haven’t had the perfect occasion to wear it yet, but I think it’s a fun-yet-sophisticated new part of my wardrobe. I hope it truly is a dress I love wearing, not just that I love the idea of it.

I also kept a skirt:

Gilli Morgen Skirt

It was quite flattering when I tried it on, and it’s more versatile than most of my other skirts. After wearing it a few times, it’s a bit less comfortable than I originally thought, but still a very soft fabric. (I kinda wish it had pockets too.)

There’s one top I sent back that I regret not keeping. It was a little snug so I was worried about layering with it, but now I wish I would’ve at least tried it on one more time before deciding:

41Hawthorn Beaty Mixed Material Top

I keep thinking that it would be a great piece for work or weekend wear. Oh well, there’s always next time!

I’m not including a photo of myself in the final top they sent me (top left in the image below). It looked less flattering on me than in the box. But I loved the Tiffany blue heels they pictured with this look on the suggestions page and included that note in the feedback to my stylist.

Outfit Suggestions — One of My Favorite Parts!

For now, it’s still an experiment but I’m excited at the chance to update my wardrobe gradually. I’m worried I haven’t added enough ideas to my Pinterest board and curious to see what they’ll send in my next box later this month (and whether the pieces will fit me well). If you want to try it too, visit StitchFix to create your own profile.

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