Working with Artificial Light
Eman Alshawaf

Working with artificial light and figuring out a DSLR camera was pretty difficult this week. I’m getting the hang of changing my settings to create proper white balance and good exposure, however throwing studio lighting into the mix is definitely another challenge to deal with. I chose to use a black background for my photos because I wanted to have the egg and its yolk stand out. It’s really cool to see photos from the imaging lab with their backdrops making it seem like the photo can stretch on in any direction for forever. If we get the chance to use the imaging lab for our next project I definitely want to mess around with a white backdrop.

For this project I focused on hands holding the egg as I thought that would work best as a series of ten photos. The last project had the advantage of using totally different environments, as long as they were in natural light. Having a similar environment for all of my photos had its pros and cons but I’m glad I was able to experiment with natural light. I used front, back, and side lighting however I feel that my front lighting photos worked best. The way the lights shone on the egg and hands holding them created a more crisp and interesting image. The lab can obviously produce so many different kinds of photos and I’m looking forward to working in there again and seeing the rest of the class’ work.

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