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As Senior Editor, how do you regard your organization’s story that was published yesterday with the headline; “Report: Russia possesses ‘compromising’ information about Trump”? Any person with an open mind would conclude that your story attempted to lend legitimacy to CNN’s report, which was based on the same information published in Buzzfeed that has been widely panned by other left-leaning news agencies as “unverifiable” and “unreportable”.

I think many would agree that the stories that your group and CNN published are far more damaging than Buzzfeed’s report in that they inform the public by advocating conclusions through the supposition of information and hearsay but refuse to reveal the information and sources used to support the conclusions. Of course, most understand that your group is composed entirely of Liberal political advocates that falsely proclaim jounalistic ethos, so you will likely get a pass from much deserved criticism. To put it more bluntly, since you are a fake news organization you can’t be held to the same standards as legitimate news sources that distribute fake news.

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