Real News
Jeff Jarvis

As the self-appointed arbiter of news integrity, how do you plan to suppress your personal hatred and resentment of our President and his administration? I was excited with the announcement of your initiative but after reading your prior contributions to this forum, I can’t imagine that you could be considered an objective authority on “news integrity”. It is apparent that you have an agenda to malign our President, his administration and any politician, pundit or person who supported him. On October 9, 2016, you wrote:

“This is why it is critical that we defeat not only Donald Trump but also the party that put him where he is and the politicians who were his accessories. Every politician who supported him — no matter whether that support is now withdrawn — has the stench of Trump and the alt right on them and that cannot be washed away with a press release and a tweet. The party that fertilized the fetid ground that spawned Trump with its years of insurgent obstruction must be held to account for not caring to defend Latinos, Muslims, and blacks, let alone our military — and responsible government — but only white women.”
“…..I am writing another post with a call to build responsible conservative media as well, to fill the vacuum that liberal — yes, liberal — media left, which was exploited by political movements masquerading as media: Fox News (now 20 years ago — everything I lament here is the fruit of their labor) and its foster children Breitbart and Drudge.”
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