The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

Bias is a preconceived judgement or prejudice. One that possesses extreme negative bias towards an individual will, consciously or unconsciously, view the actions or behavior of that individual negatively, irrespective of their accomplishments or the positive outcomes credited to their performance. With bias, objectivity is elusive.

Essentially, you are attempting to justify your negative bias which likely formed through a combination of your extreme hatred for Donald Trump prior to the election, your strong resentment of his ascension to the presidency and the resulting despair you experienced with Hillary Clinton’s unexpected election defeat. This is evidenced by your contributions to this forum which, without exception, advocate against President Trump.

Of course, the opposite is true of those who possess an extreme positive bias for President Trump. No matter how abject his failures, they will excuse them or search for an outside source to blame. I would characterize the negative and positive bias resulting from this election as diametrical. It is literally night and day, with the negative bias represented by night, the positive bias by day, and objectivity reduced to the elusive brevity of dusk and dawn.

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