Who will pay for a ludicrous wall?
Stanford CDDRL

For any evaluations of the cost of the “wall” to be taken seriously, you have to consider the cost savings in US lives and tax expenditures associated with drug addiction, drug violence and illegal immigration. This equates to tens of thousands of deaths, millions of violent criminal incidents, and hundreds of billions in healthcare costs, housing costs, education costs, welfare costs, etc. In your article, you only seem concerned with the impact on Mexico and the lives of the Mexican smugglers who will have to divert their crossing routes across more dangerous terrain.

President Trump has stated that we will continue to provide financial aid and assistance to support Mexico’s efforts to combat drug violence but the widespread corruption within Mexico’s Federal Police, AFI and PGR continues to limit the exchange of useful intelligence. Your group has published reports documenting the internal corruption that has hampered US and Mexican efforts to reduce trafficking of people and drugs across our southern border. Your assertion that crime is only a problem for the countries exporting the drugs is absurd and largely irrelevant since President Trump’s initiatives are concerned with our own interests over those of Mexico and the other countries you cite.

You are correct that increased enforcement efforts have led to an increase in homicide and violent crimes among drug trafficking organizations (DTO’s) in Mexico. However, you fail to acknowledge the root cause of the violence which is largely attributed to conflicts resulting from control over trafficking routes across our southern border. Our penetrable border along with congested vehicle checkpoints, due to increased trade shipments from Mexico, provides cover for DTO’s.

There is nothing symbolic about President Trump’s plan to increase border security. While I agree that Cybernetics can play a role, we still need to construct a physical barrier. The “wall” envisioned by President Trump and his administration will consist of multiple fences (2 to 3) with a secure zone between each that is monitored and patrolled. There is a similar barrier constructed along the border in Yuma, Arizona that has proven its effectiveness in reducing illegal border crossings by 96% in the region. Of course it will take more than a physical barrier, but any efforts to secure our border will be futile without it. Other initiatives including increasing the number of ICE officers, nationwide e-verify, deportation of criminal aliens, enhanced penalties for overstayed Visas and improved federal cooperation with local crime enforcement will result in reducing US deaths, crime and tax expenditures.

And yes, Mexico will pay for the wall.