Maybe The President Should Cancel Press Briefings
Hannibal Moot

I agree with you that the press is so preoccupied with playing gotcha that they are no longer providing the public with any useful information concerning the administration’s foreign and domestic policy initiatives and achievements.

Today, major foreign news publications in the Middle East led with the breaking news that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who met with President Trump at the White House last week, had announced what they described as “unprecedented” readiness to reach a peace deal with Israel. This is a significant development that, according to reports, Abbas has credited to Trump’s willingness to set aside the usual “lobby-influenced ideologies and commitments of US political parties” to broker a meaningful peace agreement. Nevertheless, you will not find this reported anywhere in the US blue media outlets due to their obsession with exploiting the Comey firing for political gain.

During his show this morning, Stuart Varney, in a scathing but eloquent indictment of the mainstream media , characterized their “deranged” reporting as a media “hate-fest” which he labeled the “most hateful campaign in recent political history.”.

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