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I discovered Medium after the notoriety this site received in the national media when Hillary Clinton’s attorney, Mark Elias, used this platform to publish the campaign’s explanation for joining the recount. After a brief review of other contributed content, it occurred to me that there was a higher level of discourse here, that favored a progressive political ideology. We have our echo chambers on the right but I have little patience for the redundant advocacy that exists in those forums. I much prefer the challenge of defending my political positions and principles with intellectuals that may find them objectionable. This is why I joined Medium.

As Americans, we face an uncertain future if we cannot heal the division that permeates our society. I understand that the discourse will not always be polite but I’ve learned that humor can serve as an effective antidote to vitriol and spite. It’s apparent that you found my failed earlier attempt to humor you with sarcasm, at the expense of Hillary Clinton, sufficiently offensive to compel you to construct your well researched rebuttal to my other writings.

In brief, I confess that I know nothing about Japanese anime and should have reserved my judgment as to the age of its enthusiastic audience. And I stand by my comment you quoted that recorded my disdain for Donald Trump’s offensive speech during the campaign, including the specific speech events that you have cited. In my view, it was improper to separate my quote from its context which I have included below.

I stand by my statement and, if you cast your vote for Hillary Clinton, who declared half of Trump’s supporters as deplorable racists, misogynists, homophobic and more, I will respect your decision as well. And to clarify, I have no patience for anyone, including Donald Trump, that will maliciously libel or slander any private citizen that they do not know. Period.

Respectfully, I disagree with your suggestion that my failure to contribute “free standing pieces” associates my participation at Medium with that of a “troll”. I am not a writer by trade nor do I aspire to be one. I prefer reading other’s contributions here and, on occasion, offering my opinions or additional facts that are relevant to the issues discussed. I have included several examples below that I hope you will agree are uncharacteristic of written content contributed by trolls.

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