What do I expect?
Lee Hauser

I don’t believe the Secret Service would approve of a “helicopter tour”. Of course, they would have to close the airspace during the tour which would frustrate the air operations of other federal, state and local officials and law enforcement engaged in critical search and rescue operations.

From what I understand, he traveled in a motorcade to Corpus Christi where he met with officials and then delivered brief impromptu remarks before hoisting the Texas state flag. I believe the iconic image of him hoisting the Texas flag is more impactful than any teleprompter speech he could have delivered.

After his brief visit to Corpus Christi, the President’s motorcade traveled to Austin where he received a briefing from the Governor and other federal, state and local officials who are directing and monitoring the Houston operations from an emergency operations center located there. I assume you are aware that he had announced in advance that he would not visit Houston until he could do so “without causing disruption.”

I can’t believe the residents of Houston would take exception with any of the President’s impromptu remarks offering praise to first responders for their efforts. That’s a form of encouragement. If it were not for the large crowd of supporters that had gathered to see him, I doubt that he would have offered any remarks. If his remark on the size of the crowd of locals that gathered to see him has aggravated you, then you are obviously a hater. You people are insufferable. There is nothing President Trump can say or do that you will not dissect or distort to malign him.

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