No doubt people are influenced by their expectations, which are created by past observations.
David Kinnear

I never suggested that anyone was not entitled to their bias, reasoned or not. As it informs our expectations, it can influence our judgement if we allow it to. President Trump is not an animal, so that is an unfair comparison. And equating your expectation of President Trump telling a lie to Stephen Colbert telling a joke is absurd. Stephen Colbert is paid to tell jokes before a national audience, so of course there would be an expectation.

It is apparent that you question President Trump’s and Mrs. Conway’s credibility. But even in a court of law, the testimony of a witness with poor credibility cannot be impeached unless it is contradicted by evidence.

Skepticism is an essential function of an objective mind. But as I suggested in my original comment, objectivity is elusive when we allow our preconceived personal bias to influence our judgements.

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